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My Clients’ Experiences

Before we started with Sarah we were searching for a speech teacher for Rylee.  As we were having difficulties finding one, Sarah not only stepped in as her Music Therapist, but also helped Rylee with speech by integrating it into music.  Sarah really encouraged Rylee to speak through different types of learning.  Through her program she encouraged Rylee to do her best and just be who she is.  She helped encourage Rylee to be confident and to try different things.  I have seen both of our children learn communication, independence, teamwork, sharing, love, compassion and creativity through music therapy.

Michelle Clark

 Sarah has worked with Jarel this summer and has skillfully and effectively focused his attention. With her capability, he has learned all the keys and is able to read the notes in his beginner’s book. She has done this with skill, ease and an obvious love of her role!”

Judith Thomas

Sarah has been seeing our daughter Emily for almost 3 years now. I could not think of her not being in our lives! She brings so much to Emily a teenager, with Down syndrome, that loves to sing.  Sarah has been able to use that as a way to help her articulate to the point we can understand all the words she is singing and that carries over to her everyday speech.  On top of that she is playing the piano with 2 hands...reading music.  I could go on and on, she is truly amazing and we look forward to many more years of music therapy for all of us!  We love you Sarah.

Carolyn Rhoades

I have a seven year old little girl with Autism. Taylor has always been primarily non-verbal. We started working with Sarah in the last year and Taylor has just started saying words just two weeks ago. Taylor has lots of help and support, but I do truly believe that Sarah has helped Taylor find her voice. It is the only therapy that Taylor is always excited for! Not only is Sarah Quinney great with my daughter, she is an amazing person. She is not only a great therapist, but also has been a great resource for information. Traditional speech therapy just wasn't producing results for Taylor. We wish we would have found Sarah sooner, but we are so happy to have her in our lives now. Thank you Sarah

Sarah Joiner

Sarah has helped my daughter make tremendous strides in her speech. In the first 6 weeks, she made more progress than in 6 months of traditional speech therapy. Sarah individualizes her sessions and works with the child's abilities and moods. We have gone from struggling to say 2 word phrases to now speaking 5-6 word sentences. Sarah cares deeply about her clients and their families and helped us "fight" for music therapy to be included in my daughter's IEP. She has also given us tips for helping my daughter at home during the week. We love Sarah and the services she provides.

Terri O'Neill

Sarah's expertise and easy manner has had a remarkable impact enhancing our son's musical abilities. She has tailored her services to his musical tastes. He recently visited a guitar museum and serenaded the docents to the point of getting a blister, he was so proud of the skills that Sarah has helped him with.

David Smith

Music Therapy with Sarah has been a bright ray of sunshine and music in our lives. Wish we would have started this a LONG long time ago!

Colleen Hendon

You have opened a new door for our daughter. Your enthusiasm is a powerful driver. Wishing you both success as potentials are explored.

Gail Janke

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